The Basic Concept

If there is one concept most responsible for all of the money I have made on the Internet, it has to be LEVERAGE.

To say it simply, I would rather have 100 referrals earning me an average of $1 a month each, than depend on myself to earn $100 every month.

The problem I am offering to solve for you, is how you can start using this valuable mindset today (no matter what else you do) with a total expense budget of only $1 a month and very quickly expand that into significant income. During the process, that knowledge will become yours to use for the rest of your life.

The Simple Way

All it takes to make money online, is a simple website to tell your story, a product or service that everyone needs (and can easily afford), a system to get prospects to actually consider using it and the self-motivation necessary for YOU to take action.

In my opinion, what it does NOT need is any LIST to email until they unsubscribe, a lot of FANCY GRAPHICS, exaggerated PROMISES, or anything that is beyond the skill level of the average every day Internet visitor.

This page you are reading used free tools to edit a free mobile responsive template hosted on my own $1 Web Hosting Account that doesn't even require us to buy a domain name. I have been a happy customer since June,2008, so I know it is more than enough to do the job.

The demand for a low cost solution like this is high enough, that including a simple link somewhere on every page, produces easy referrals and makes any additional income pure profit with no added overhead.

If your confidence is low enough that you don't think you can make even $1 a month from your own website (with my help), or you are not willing to spend the time necessary to learn how, there is not a lot I can do to help you.

This video shows how simple it is to setup CLICK HERE FOR YOUR OWN $1 HOSTING

NOTE: If you are experienced and don't want to take time to watch the video, you can right click anywhere on this page to view the page source and copy it into Notepad++ (a free download), then refresh the same file in your web browser to see the results of any changes as you make them.

The Most Important Part

Once you have your own hosting account (where you have full control) and can place more pages with any kind of ads or links on them that you want to (without fear of getting your account terminated), it's a simple matter to duplicate this page with enough income producing links to quickly earn enough to take you to the next level. As your confidence grows, so will your income.

I am fortunate enough to live in the United States, so I have used another free money making website (in fact they pay a $5 signup bonus ) and they have continued to pay me right on time for over a decade. Recently I decided to work on reducing the amount of time I spend there, but with the bonuses they pay, I still make enough to finance any other ventures I use with some left over. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this real time earnings banner shows you why I believe in them.

Free Money at FusionCash!

Here is a screen shot of a typical day's activity with my simplified routine. Remember I am not trying to make a fortune, but 30 days like this is more than enough to cover my hosting expense for the next year.

Not everyone has this lucrative an opportunity, but I assure you that the Internet is full of ways to supply enough income to support your quest while you learn what works for you.

I give you a page like this one that you can edit with your offers in place of mine and I will show you where to find people to see it, that will be interested in making money too. I will also give you some big fat bonuses to try the same free advertising method I use.



I mentioned earlier that I do not have an email list, which some promoters say is suicide. What I have done instead, is build a reputation in a marketers community as being someone who gives value instead of constantly pitching get rich schemes. Visit my profile by clicking the signature below and you should see what I mean.

I hope we can work together soon,