The Basic Concept

There are plenty of so called free websites you can get online, but they all have a hook in them somewhere. Think about it, servers to host them are NOT free and there is a lot of work involved in keeping them running.

I do assume that if you have your own website, you would want it to keep running, wouldn't you?

The problem I am offering to solve for you, is how you can get started with only $1 a month and very quickly make it free by using it to make a little money fast.

Again, I am assuming you do want to make money from it, right?

If your confidence is so low that you don't think you can make even $1 a month from your own website and you are not willing to spend the time to learn, there is not a lot I can do to help you.

To be totally honest, yes I think it DOES take your own Web Hosting Account, to keep from being exploited by the free website offers, but if you don't already have one you can use a $1 a month option that doesn't even require you to buy a domain name. There is a high enough demand for this solution, that including this simple link means I end up getting mine free from referrals. Then any additional income I make from it is pure profit.

TIP: This is not nearly as hard as you may think.

The Important Part

Once you get your own hosting account that you control and can place any kind of ads or links on it that you want to (without fear of getting your account terminated), it's a simple matter to duplicate this page with enough income producing links to quickly earn enough to take you to the next level. As your confidence grows, so will your income.

Not only will I give you a page like this one with your links embeded in place of mine, but I will show you where to find people to see it, that will be interested in making money too. I will also give you some big fat bonuses to use the same free advertising website I do.

Show Me My Free Bonuses

What Is Next?

Let me sumarize. Get a $1 a month hosting account, duplicate and edit this page (or have me help you) with some money making links to put on your hosting, use free advertising to send people to it, grow your income as you gain confidence and learn more.

Did you notice that this page is mobile responsive, so it works on any size screen? This is important, so you don't lose any leads when they can't read your page on their device and leave early.

Hope too be working with you soon,

P.S. If you are a little more experienced, you can right click this page to view the source and copy it into Notepad++ (a free download) and refresh the same file in your web browser to see the results of any changes. Anyone should be able to figure out how in a few minutes, or Search YouTube for a tutorial you can follow.

Or here is a quick video I just did: