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The only tool I pay for with this plan, is Web Hosting for $1 a month (I don't even pay for a domain name). I learned a long time ago that free hosting is usually bait for a trap, so I would rather not use it. This page pays for itself anyway.

To create this page, I edited a free Mobile Responsive Template with a free text editor (Notepad++) and moved it online with a free transfer program (FileZilla). It's that simple and here's a free video that shows you how.

What If I Need Help?

I would rather not post my email address here, (where spammers can find it) , but you can contact me on IBO Toolbox for free and I suggest you use the same method on your page. If you don't have an account yet, join from my signature below and set up your profile details (including a photo), post a link or two on your My Businesses page and when you are done, I will send you the files to edit this page for free. You can change anything, or even completely redesign it.

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